Match Reports

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Match reports are not being updated anymore because of web hosting problems.

09-06-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Orange vs Jeepers Blacks 10-11

A very nice game. Goalkeeper Malcolm was player of the match.

09-06-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Pink vs Jeepers Whites 2-4

Roam Krejci played as a goalkeeper.

08-06-2005 (St Aloysius Pavilion) 6.00pm Jeepers FC vs Malta FISEC Futsal Team 11-6

The FISEC team started on a high note but did not distribute their energy well throughout the match. Michael Molzahn retured for Jeepers after a long stop due to an injury.

06-06-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers FC vs Jeepers Amateures 11-8

The newly formed Jeepers Amateures gave a hard time to the first team during the first part of the game. The experience and substitutions available to Jeepers FC,  made the difference at the end.

31-05-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers FC vs Webcraft 12-1

Our opponents could not avail themselves with the service of a goalkeeper.

26-05-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Orange 9-4

Zelkjo made the difference although NAF could have distributed the players more fairly. Darren Peplow was on the losers' side but was still celebrating his favourite team (Liverpool) Champions League win over Milan the day before.

26-05-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Blues vs Jeepers Blacks 2-5

Clayton scored a brace for the winners and was also player of the match. 

19-05-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Blacks vs Jeepers Orange 6-6

A balanced game. Newcomers were Mohamed and Jusef.

19-05-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Blue 5-1
13-05-2005 (Zebbug) 7.30pm El Mundos vs Jeepers FC 4-2 (Knock-Out)

Jeepers FC were eliminated from the knock-out by Ray Vella's il-Mundu side. First half ended 2-0 for us making nervous our opponents. In the second half they managed to equalise and then il-Mundu started his engine by notching a brace to terminate our season. Jeepers were Benny Gialanze, Christopher Borg (Cap), ZA, Pavel Adamov (1), Ian Gouder (1), Ramon Zahra & Etienne Gatt. Noel Attard Flores; coach. Ian Tirchett; club official.

05-05-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Blu 3-8

A one way match with Chris 'Cenculin' Borg and Jean Pierre Zahra in good for the winners.

05-05-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Blacks vs Jeepers Pink 6-4
03-05-2005 (Zabbar) 7.30pm AC Trampi vs Jeepers FC 2-5 (Knock-Out)

Good win versus fellow 2nd Division side. Both teams were organised in the first half (1-1) but Jeepers were more consistent during the second term. Kamal was in good shape helping accordingly his team mates. Jeepers were: Benny Gialanze, Chris Farrugia (Cap), Etienne Gatt, Ian Gouder (1), Kamal (3) and Ramon Zahra (1). Chris Borg was coach. Lorna Debattista & Marvin Spiteri were the club officials present.  

28-04-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Pink 7-6

Chris Borg scored a hat-trick for the Whites and NAF today was very dangerous with his left foot!

28-04-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Blacks vs Jeepers Orange 4-5

What a golasso was scored by Claudio Cardona!

22-04-2005 (Pieta') 8.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Blacks 2-4

Gorg Cauchi for the winners was on a class of his own.

21-04-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Pink vs Jeepers Whites 7-8

Pinks were leading 7-3 but ended the match on the loosers' side! Goalie Gorg Cauchi and Chris Farrugia were best performers. Nice match indeed.

 21-04-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Orange vs Jeepers Black 5-4

Manuel's group won this match. Darryl Poulton converted a nice flying header into a goal. He though had a negative approach considering the match unbalanced. Jeepers FC extend our condolences to Roman for a family mourning.

14-04-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Pink 6-6

The Whites were loosing 6-3 but equalised the score in the last ten minutes. Ian Gouder was distracted by his friends behind the fence.

14-04-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Blacks vs Jeepers Orange 1-3

Sandro was player of the match.

07-04-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers Blacks vs Jeepers Pink 10-5

The Pink had two players who played also in the 7pm match and lacked in defence. Etienne Gatt scored the nicest goal of the match for the loosers with a fine half way pitch finish. 

07-04-2005 (Paola) 7.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Reds 10-5

First series of matches between Jeepers friends at Paola was welcomed by a brawl between local supporters. Whites were more in shape and managed easily this match. Nicolai made his debut for the winners.

29-03-2005 (Paola) 8.00pm Jeepers FC vs Chinese Leisure Factory 7-0

A new artificial turf pitch inaugurated recently was used by Jeepers FC. Good surface with some amenities still to be completed (e.g. fence). A one way match with Craig Pickard scoring a hat-trick and Noel Attard Flores scoring a goal (breaking news ;)

28-03-2005 (Swatar SMC) 9.15pm Jeepers FC vs Thomas Cook 4-13

First indoor match for Futsal 3rd division side Thomas Cook. Jeepers FC (including many guest players) were visibly heavy and out of form. Jeepers goalie George Cauci made a trip form Gozo to play this match. Well done T.C.

 22-03-2005 (Corradino) 8.15pm Jeepers FC vs Union Press 2-2 (League Match)

Last match and first draw of this season. Jeepers where disorganised and defender Chris Borg had his mind everywhere except on the match. Our attackers did not take advantage of the few occasions created. Jeepers were: Benny Gialanze, Noel Attard Flores (Cap/coach), Michael Molzahn (2), Craic Pickard, Andrew Debono, Christopher Borg & Ramon Zahra. Click here to see photos.
08-03-2005 (Corradino) 9.15pm Jeepers FC vs Micab Futsal 3-2 (League Match)

Micab were ahead in two occasions but we came back to equalise and also scoring the winning goal. Micab offered a good opposition scoring in their only two attacking occasions. Jeepers on the other hand lacked to score in many occasions, often shooting wide from close range. This win is dedicated to the Jeepers girls on the occasion of Women's Day, especially to our official photographer, Ms L. Debattista. Jeepers FC were: Marvin Spiteri, Christopher Borg, Noel Attard Flores (Cap/coach), Pavel Adamov, Michael Molzahn (2), Craig Pickard (1) and Andrew Debono. Mr Gorg Cauchi was club official. View match photos here.

01-03-2005 (Corradino) 8.15pm Dreamers vs Jeepers FC 0-8 (League Match)

Best display by Jeepers FC so far in this season. Michael Molzahn had a five star performance scoring five goals. Jeepers were: Marvin Spiteri, Ramon Zahra, Michael Molzahn (Cap, 5), Pavel Adamov (1), Craig Pickard (2) & Etienne Gatt. Noel Attard Floren was the coach. View match photos here.  
18-02-2005 (Corradino) 8.15pm Jeepers FC vs Konica Minolta Gunners FC 1-4 (League match)

We got what we expected from this match. We though had some good spells during both the first and second half. Benny Gialanze despite collecting four balls from his net, confirmed to be one of the best Futsal goalkeepers on the Islands. Jeepers were: Benny Gialnze, Andrew Debono, Michael Molzahn (Cap), Pavel Adamov (1), Kamal, Christopher Farrugia, Ian Gouder & Etienne Gatt. Coach was Noel Attard Flores and Gorg Cauchi was the Club Official. View pre-match photos here.

10-02-2005 (Hamrun) 7.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Blues 3-4

A very nice game with Brian, Noel, James & Claudio playing a bit better than the others on the feast of St. Paul.

08-02-2005 (Corradino) 9.15pm Southenders vs Jeepers FC (League Match) 2-1

The two teams studied each other in the first half with Jeepers FC hitting the post on three occasions. The score was opened in the second half by Southenders with Jeepers FC equalising from a free kick. After the second goal by the home team, Jeepers reacted well hitting the post in another occasion. We also missed another free kick, but luck was not on our side. Jeepers FC used these players: Benny Gialanze, Michael Molzahn (1), Ramon Zahra, Pavel Adamov, Kamal, Christopher Borg (Cap), Craig Pickard & Andrew Debono. Coach was Noel Attard Flores, Gorg Cauchi and Christopher Farrugia were club officials.

07-02-2005 (Swatar SMC) 9.15pm Jeepers FC vs Korol 3-12

Game was in balance until Korol went up 4-3 but the Jeepers players than lacked in many aspects. Debono and Gouder returned to play after a long absence, Attard Flores and Gatt were two too similar defenders at the back, Farrugia did not obey the defending instructions and our goaler Cauchi could have done better.

03-02-2005 (Hamrun) 8.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Pink 11-3

After the game was in balace for one third of the match the Pink lost concentration and did not conclude in attack. A night to forget for them.

03-02-2005 (Hamrun) 7.00pm Jeepers Blues vs Jeepers Blacks 4-4

James "Dida' Spiteri had a good comeback. The other keeper Marvin had a lso a good game. A challenge was noted during the whole match between Noel Attard Flores and Sherwood Sciberras with Noel winning this personal confront.

31-01-2005 (Swatar SMC) 9.15pm Jeepers FC vs AD Handyman Centre 14-7

The three foreigners Adamov, Molzahn and Kamal played together for the first time scoring a hat-trick each. Zahra also scored three goals. Jeepers played a good collective game and a well done goes to all players from both sides for the fair play showed during the match.

27-01-2005 (Hamrun) 8.00pm Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Greens 4-6

A tight match as usual for the 8pm match with the score being four each for a long spell with the Greens securing the win only in the dying minutes. Best player was goalkeeper Malcolm Cassar.

27-01-2005 (Hamrun) 7.00pm Jeepers Blacks vs Jeepers Colours 4-2

No less than four 8pm players played the 7pm match: Noel, Jerry, Marvin & Claudio but Roman Krejci was the highlight of the match returning to play after several weeks and scoring his team's fourth goal with a sliding tackle effort under the goal line. Jerry Camilleri also had a good performance.

24-01-2005 (Swatar SMC) 9.15pm Jeepers Pink vs Jeepers Blue 11-6

Craig and Kenneth led the Pink for this win but surprisingly enough, the Blues showed better technical moves.

 20-01-2005 (Hamrun) 8.00pm Jeepers Colours vs Jeepers Whites 5-6

Rob de Vries for the Whites returned from Holland wth shorter hair but with the same willingness to win.Rueben had also a good match.

20-01-2005 (Hamrun) 7.00pm Jeepers Reds vs Jeepers Blacks 9-5

Darryl 'Kaval' Poulton was on target five times for the Reds and told me to include him in these comments! See you at Jakarta tomorrow mate.

17-01-2005 (Swatar SMC) 9.15pm Jeepers FC vs Vindaloo 6-12

Two players dropped from the squad and Jeepers FC had to play without any substitutes. A round of applause goes though to the more experienced 1st Division side Vindaloo, and to our Chris Farrugia for his never die attitude.

14-01-2005 (Corradino) 8.15pm Union Press vs Jeepers FC (League Match) 1-4

Three important points were achieved from this match that put us one point below the second in table and our next opponents, Southenders. Everyone was in form and our Team Manager had his orders well taken. Jeepers were: Marvin Spiteri, Christopher Borg (Cap,1), Pavel Adamov (2), Michael Molzahn (1), Ramon Zahra, Etienne Gatt & Christopher Farrugia. Noel Attard Flores was club official in charge. View match photos here .

13-01-2005 (Hamrun) 8.00pm Jeepers Blues vs Jeepers Whites 6-7

A balanced match with Poulton between the posts for the Whites and Marvin made a return to the Thursday matches after many weekes

 13-01-2005 (Hamrun) 7.00pm Jeepers Reds vs Jeepers Blacks 7-9

Matthew iz-Zebbugi had really a good match!

10-01-2005 (Swatar SMC) 9.15pm Jeepers FC vs Air Malta Cabin Crew 5-6

A narrow defeat against the leaders of the 1st Division Section A MFA Futsal League. Nasser made his debut in the senior team and was acclaimed by everyone for his individual skills but would be a player with a class of his own if he remembers that Futsal is played 5 players against 5 and not 5 against 1.

07-01-2005 (Corradino) 9.15pm Dreamers vs Jeepers FC 2-4 (League match)

An important win to achieve our target this season. Jeepers were concentrated throughout the whole match. We can though improve to work more on a team basis and not individually. Jeepers used these players: Benny Gialanze, Christopher Borg, Noel Attard Flores (Cap), Etienne Gatt, Pavel Adamov (1) & Kamal (3). Gorg Cauchi and Christopher Farrugia were club officials Click here to view match photos.

06-01-2005 (Hamrun) 8.00pm Jeepers Orange vs Jeepers Whites 9-5

Most of the goals for the Orange were scored by newcomer Nasser who was irresistable. Pavel Adamov returned from Bulgaria with a new hair style while it was evident some extra kilos on most players after the Christmas period.

06-01-2005 (Hamrun) 7.00pm Jeepers Blues vs Jeepers Blacks 6-0

A five star performance by British player Craig Pickard sealed this match. Blues goalkeeper Karl thus had a rare cleen sheet.  

17-12-2004 8.15pm (Corradino) Jeepers FC vs Konica Minolta Gunners FC 2-7(league match)

Half time score was 1-3. We managed to reduce further the score scoring following a rebund after the ball hit the post in a free-kick action in the second half. But then the experience of players like John Buttigieg, Silvio Vella, Carmel Busuttil and Marko Glumac was enough to settle the final score for KMG FC. Jeepers could not make use of first team players like Ramon, Michael and Pavel while Kamal injured his groin during the first half and was ruled out. Jeepers FC used these players: Benny Gialanze, Noel Attard Flores, Christopher Borg (Cap), Andrew Debono, Kamal (1), Ian Gouder (1) and Christopher Farrugia. View match photos here.

16-12-2004 8.00pm (Hamrun) Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Blues 5-4

Goalie Justin Schembri made a comeback for the Blues and his spectacular saves awarded the minimal margin in the final score for his side. Etienne Gatt and Rob de Vries had an excellent match for the winning team while NAF and Anglu Camilleri had a slow pace in their play. Ian Gouder and Darren Peplow were more willing to tease each other rather to play Futsal.

 09-12-2004 8.00pm (Hamrun) Jeepers Blues vs Jeepers Whites 6-2

Gorg Cauchi was the coordinator of this match for the first time. Good job Gorg!

09-12-2004 7.00pm (Hamrun) Jeepers Reds vs Jeepers Blacks 4-0

The score could have been 5-0 but a controversial goal just like the one in the 1966 World Cup Final between England and Germany was not allowed this time.

03-12-2004 9.15pm (Corradino) Micab Futsal vs Jeepers FC 2-5 (League Match)

A solid performance was converted in the first league win. Kamal scored a hat trick with the other markers being Debono and Zahra. Attard Flores made a good job replacing suspended defender Molzahn. Micab gave us a hard time only during the first half and were unlucky missing the target from close range on several occasions. Jeepers FC used the following players: Benny Gialanze, Ramon Zahra, Noel Attard Flores (Cap), Pavel Adamov, Kamal, Christopher Farrugia, Andrew Debono. Etienne Gatt and Gorg Cauchi were club officials. View match photos here

02-12-2004 8.00pm (Hamrun) Jeepers Blacks ve Jeepers Reds 7-6

Darren Peplow and Anglu Camilleri shifted to the 8pm match and Sherwood made a comeback after a long absence. He though still has the same shortcoming and makes too many dribble tries. His team was on the winning side with good moves from Sherwood, Jean, Anglu, Darren and Noel. Gorg made more good saves while a big thans goes to the other goaler Franco who played after the 7pm match. The goalpost was hit on several occasions (more than a dozen times)

02-12-2004 7.00pm (Hamrun) Jeepers Whites vs Jeepers Blues 5-1

Robert Formosa and Ayrton Zammit made their debut with our Club for the loosers. They had good skills but this was not enough. Player of the match was Whites defender Oliver that had a very good match just like goalkeeper Gorg  

02-12-2004 7.00pm (Corradino) Jeepers FC vs Air Malta Cabin Crew 3-7

The first division team controlled this game but was a good test for new a couple of Jeepers FC players making their debut at the Corradino Pavillion.

25-11-2004 8.00pm (Hamrun) Jeepers Blues vs Jeepers Blacks 8-6

Team M